is a regular feature within Pathfinder International in our classified section, so much so, they offer the service for FREE for verified British Men when you use the invite code 920PAT.

If you are male, free and single, going through military resettlement, why not add your love life to the list of things to sort on leaving the forces?

The team at have also added some tips on how to get chatting to women from the United States…

American women may love the British accent, but that doesn’t mean conversation will necessarily be easy if you match with a lady from the USA. There are cultural differences that could cause offence for both parties, so something that may seem like a joke to you could quickly upset the woman you are talking to.

Thankfully this can be completely avoided; you just need to be culturally sensitive. Here are four things you should never do when you are talking to an American Woman.

Don’t Be Rude About Their Country

You may be tempted to make a joke about America, but this isn’t a good idea (unless your crush has already said they don’t like living in the USA). Many Americans are very patriotic, and even if they aren’t, mocking the country they come from can seem negative and judgemental. So try to hold back on making any critical comments, especially if you have only just started talking.

Don’t Judge Her If She Doesn’t Have A Passport

In the UK the vast majority of people have passports, but this isn’t the case in the USA. In fact, only around 50% of Americans have a passport! So if you match with an American woman, there is a good chance that she won’t have a passport – but that doesn’t mean she isn’t well travelled. After all, the USA is huge compared to the UK, so there are lots of different places to visit; for instance, she may have skied in Colorado, sunbathed in Florida or partied in Las Vegas.

Don’t Skirt Around The Subject

Americans tend to be more direct than British people, so if you like an American woman you should be upfront and direct. Don’t skirt around the subject if you like her; just ask her on a date, or tell her how you feel. This may feel weird if you are used to being reserved, but confidence is very attractive to American women.

Don’t Mock Their Accent

No-one likes being ridiculed by someone they don’t know well, especially if they are attracted to the other person, so avoid mocking her accent when you first start talking. Sure, you can comment on the differences in the way you pronounce things, but don’t be mean or critical.

Don’t Bring Up Past Relationships

Finally you should avoid bringing up past romantic relationships, especially during the first few dates. Sure, you can discuss previous relationships once you have established a strong romantic relationship with the new woman, but if you bring up your ex too soon it may seem like you still have feelings for them. It could also seem like you are bitter about the break-up, so we suggest avoiding any ex conversations to start with!

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