The Veterans UK website has been completely redesigned, meaning you now have a better website with easier to find information about support services for veterans…

The team at MOD Veterans UK has been working with veterans and their families to re-write the Veterans UK website to make it much easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for. It should be easier to understand too, with less ‘government’ speak.

There are new content ‘hubs’ that you can find from the Veterans UK homepage or via an online search. Each one is focussed on certain needs of veterans and their families.

One hub, ‘Help and support when a Veteran or Service Person Dies’, is aimed specifically at those who have experienced a bereavement. Research showed that at a difficult life-changing time, family members needed to find information on support quickly and easily. The new hub now brings everything together in one place: be that forms, information about what money might be available, or support for peoples’ wellbeing.

The new ‘Help and welfare for veterans and those leaving the Armed Forces’ hub brings together the support available for those in the transition to civilian life, and those already living as veterans.

There’s also a hub specifically for help with compensation claims for injuries as a result of service in the Armed Forces. Veterans UK is a free service and we’ve made it a lot clearer to understand who is eligible for the different schemes so those with a claim can come straight to us, without the need to engage a solicitor or claims management company.

Later in the year, we’ll be launching online claim forms to help speed up services and give you even easier access to our compensation payments. It’s all part of a bigger modernisation project within Veterans UK to make it easier for you to know what services we offer and how to access them. We’re also making our internal processes more modern, which frees up more time to support our veterans and families.