Entering civilian life after a career in the armed forces can be overwhelming and naturally there are many factors you’ll want to consider. Often ex-servicemen and women are seeking a career that will give them greater control over their working life. Choosing a new career is a life-changing decision and it presents the ideal opportunity to define exactly what you want from your professional life. If you’re looking for a career that puts you firmly in control of your future, why not consider retraining as a financial planner?

Our Academy provides a two-year career change programme. The programme begins with six months of blended learning, followed by a period of face-to-face mentored training in the field. The first few weeks of the programme will give you a full introduction to financial planning and wealth management and equip you with the study skills you need for the qualification. Many of our delegates are entering the financial services sector and often an office environment for the first time, and many are returning to studying after years in the workplace, which is why our team provides on going support and mentoring from day one.

All our delegates are moving into brand new territory, so there’s a real sense of camaraderie as everyone transitions to the Academy environment. You’ll be joining people from a diverse range of backgrounds and will be able to enjoy a professional, supportive and enthusiastic environment. The Programme allows you to pursue your own professional goal, whether you plan to set up your own business or join one of our many established St. James’s Place Practices as an Adviser. Once qualified and established as a financial planner, you can look forward to building a secure future that rewards your hard work and enjoy a variety of excellent benefits including the opportunity to work from home and set flexible working hours, as well as have an attractive earning potential.

Mark Redmayne served as an officer in the Royal Navy before re-training with the Academy. “21 years ago I was standing on the steps of the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth. Now I have ended my naval journey and started a new career as a qualified financial adviser with St. James’s Place, running my own business. Be confident, trust yourself and the training that you’ve had in your previous military career – our skill set is highly valuable and ex-military people bring huge amounts of relevant skills with them.”

Train with a FTSE 100 company that values your ambition and drive – join us at the St. James’s Place Academy. Visit www.sjp.co.uk/academy for more information.