Of the 12 categories of Soldiering On Awards up for grabs, the one that engages everyone is the Animal Partnership award. Who do you know that relies on the support of their animal partner or uses animals to benefit the wider military community?

The Soldiering On Animal Partnership Award recognises and honours the unique relationships and companionship provided by animals, as well as the achievements of individuals or organisations engaged with animals that support or empower members of the Armed Forces Community.

The Winner of this Award will be decided by an exciting public vote! They will receive increased publicity, so whoever you nominate has the chance of promoting their animal partner’s special skills on a very wide scale.

If you know of anyone who benefits from having an animal that helps them cope with everyday life, you could consider nominating them – or the organisation that trained and provided the animal. Or you may know of an organisation or charity that uses animals to help military personnel in some way and for any reason.

The 2017 Winner was HorseBack UK. This wonderful organisation uses horsemanship to inspire recovery, regain self-esteem and provide a sense of purpose and community to wounded, injured and sick ex-military personnel.

In 2018, the Award was won by Service Dogs UK, a charity that provides specially trained assistance dogs for serving or retired members of the armed forces and emergency services who suffer from PTSD. And the most recent Winner – in 2019 – was Bravehound, a charity that provides training and dogs to support veterans and their families.

Click here to read their stories and find out what makes them so special.

This is a real opportunity for you to help someone you admire to shine! Whether it’s an animal, person, group, organisation or business, you’ll definitely find a category that suits – see them here.