From July to September 2019 The RAF Families Federation ran a survey examining the experiences of RAF personnel and their families during overseas postings. They have now released the first set of results from this research…

The RAF Families Federation Survey Highlights Report draws out some of the key findings from the survey; from motivations for volunteering, to life overseas, through to return to the UK following completion of the assignment.

The findings represented in this report show that RAF Personnel and their families relish the travel opportunities and exposure to different cultures gained through living and working outside of the UK. However, a number of challenges have also been reported which will be fully examined through ongoing work and liaison with stakeholders.

This research was carried out as part of the ongoing RAF Dispersed Families Project, an initiative funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds. The project aims to improve understanding of RAF dispersed families, regardless of where they are located.

The survey was completed alongside stakeholder meetings and a range of in-depth interviews, with all results to be combined within a full report to be published later this year.

The report can be found on The RAF Families Federation website.

Image License: Creative Commons 3 – CC BY-SA 3.0