The Armed Forces Day issue of Pathfinder International has been recently published and with this comes a campaign for Armed Forces Day from the magazine.

With Pathfinder being an Official Media Partner for the National Armed Forces Day Main Event taking place in Scarborough from June 24-26, the leading military resettlement publication has produced their “Greetings from Scarborough” campaign which sees a set of four postcards produced to be distributed over the 3 days.

There is one postcard for each branch of the forces and a postcard for Veterans. Each postcard holds a QR code which when scanning your phone over will direct you to the Armed Forces Day issue of Pathfinder online.

Each postcard also holds a sponsor’s message on and their own QR code. The sponsors for the campaign are: NAAFI, Ruralink and Agricarbon/Ruralink, Forces Pension Society and Pathfinder International.

The campaign aims to reduce the magazine’s carbon footprint with more postcards being distributed at the main events, rather than an abundance of printed magazines, whilst also offering the opportunity for all to access the online version with instructions on how to use a QR code, included inside the magazine (and at the bottom of this article).

In addition to this, the magazine also wanted to capture one of the traditional elements of being beside the seaside and promote the art of sending a postcard once more.

Pathfinder editor, Mal Robinson, who has been the lead on the campaign said, “we are proud official media partners for what will be a fantastic and huge event over three days. With that in mind, we wanted to come up with something that would interlink the spirit of being beside the seaside, reduce magazine wastage by distributing a greater percentage of postcards than magazines (although plenty of magazines will still be available for the traditional reader) and open up Pathfinder to the veteran’s community and wider public and encourage readers, old and new, to utilise and learn how to use digital technology such as QR codes.”

The online version of Pathfinder’s Armed Forces Day issue is available now online to read for free and you can access this by clicking the link here!

Hard copies of the magazine will be made available over the 3 days in Scarborough (and across other Armed Forces Day events around the UK) as well as each of the four postcards – one for the Royal Navy, one for the British Army, one for the Royal Air Force and one representing Veterans.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Pathfinder team in Scarborough for your postcards.

Pathfinder is committed to social inclusion and education and we have included the following instructions for our readership on how to utilise the postcard and enjoy Pathfinder’s June edition in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. 

How to use a QR code

A QR code is a bar code system graphic which allows you to open files on your smart phone by scanning the pixelated graphic using your phone’s camera.

All you need to do is open your camera and face your camera towards the graphic. 

Once the QR code has been acknowledged by the device, a pop up banner will appear. You will need to click on this to open the digital June 2022 version of Pathfinder International magazine. 

If this does not happen, please go to your settings and ensure you have Scan QR code available. To do this visit settings, then camera and slide the scan QR codes slider to green. 

You can also take a picture of the QR code graphic on the postcard and open up the photo as you would normally do in pictures in the photos app. From there you can click the Live Text icon in the bottom corner of the screen. Text the QR code and the pop up banner should appear. 

Greetings from Scarborough 2022!