Pathfinder International is proud official media partners for the National Armed Forces Day Event 2020 in Scarborough. Whilst all actual events are postponed until next year due to COVID19, virtual content to help celebrate this year’s calendar event are well underway.

As part of our partnership with the event, we supplied the Armed Forces Day Quiz 2020 to the official virtual page with an array of features including children’s activities which can be found at –

We have the quiz in full below for you to enjoy.

Here are the questions, some for the beginner, some for the experts among you, but all questions covering the UK military and their operations, past and present.

Answers can be found at the bottom – no cheating!

Pathfinder is delighted to be an official media partner for the National Armed Forces Day event, both this year and next.
Good luck!

Quiz compiled by Pathfinder editor – Mal Robinson.

Section One – Armed Forces Day
1.) How many years has Armed Forces Day been celebrated?
2.) Where was the first officially named Armed Forces Day held in the UK?
3.) Why was the date of June 27 chosen as the date to hold Armed Forces Day around?
4.) Which Chancellor of the Exchequer helped launch the first “Veterans Day” in 2006?
5.) What is the difference between Armed Forces Day and Remembrance Weekend?

Section Two – Royal Navy
1.) What year was the Royal Navy considered as being founded?
2.) What is the nickname of the Royal Navy?
3.) Who commanded the vessel HMS Victory?
4.) What is the name given to the quick march of the Royal Navy?
5.) What rank is the professional head of the Royal Navy?

Section Three – British Army
1.) What year can the British Army be traced back to?
2.) What is the current motto of the British Army?
3.) Who is considered to be the oldest active regiment in the British Army?
4.) How many regiments make up the Household Division of the British Army?
5.) Who is the current Chief of the General Staff for the British Army?

Section Four – Royal Air Force
1.) In what date was the Royal Air Force officially established?
2.) What was considered to the RAF’s most famous warfare campaign?
3.) Who was the founder of the RAF?
4.) Who are the official aerobatic flying display team of the RAF?
5.) What was the Squadron number of the Dambusters?

Section Five – Equipment
1.) What does the abbreviation “NVG” stand for?
2.) What is the RAF’s latest combat aircraft called?
3.) What is the rifle used by the all three branches of the UK Armed Forces?
4.) What type of weapon is an FGM-148 Javelin?
5.) What is a L3A1?

Section Six – History
1.) In what years did World War 1 take place?
2.) What was the operational name given to UK Armed Forces Operations during the Falklands War?
3.) In what year did the Iranian Embassy Siege take place in which UK Special Forces freed captured hostages in London?
4.) Which country was awarded the George Cross on April 15, 1942?
5.) Which country did the “Cod War” confrontations take place with?

Section Seven – Image Round
1.) Name the cap badge of this regiment?

2.) Name the tank in this image?

3.) What is the name of this famous commander?

4.) Which country is this RAF station located?

5.) What is the name of this Royal Navy vessel?

Section Eight – Current Operations
1.) What is the name of the current operation involving UK Armed Forces as part of the intervention in Iraq and Syria?
2.) Which country have the UK’s Armed Forces been present as part of a UN peacekeeping force since 1974?
3.) Where is the Jungle Warfare Division of the British Army currently based?
4.) What was the name of the standby hospital in London, the UK Armed Forces helped set up for the COVID19 pandemic?
5.) What are the two major tasks undertaken for Operation Toral in Afghanistan at present?

Section Nine – World War 2
1.) On what date was VE Day 75 celebrated this year?
2.) What was Operation Dynamo in World War 2?
3.) What was the name of the Prisoner of War Camp, The Great Escape was launched?
4.) In which particular campaign of WW2 did the Desert Rats see action?
5.) Off which coast was the naval vessel HMS Gurkha sunk with the loss of 16 sailors?

Section Ten – Local Links
1.) What was the headline for the UK propaganda campaign in WW1 involving Scarborough?
2.) What were the names of the 2 German battleships who bombarded Scarborough in 1914?
3.) In what month and year did Scarborough suffer its first blitz of WW2?
4.) Which current Type 45 Destroyer is affiliated to Scarborough?
5.) How many millions did Yorkshire born Sir Colonel Tom Moore raise for the NHS this year?

Section One
1.) 11 years
2.) Chatham Historic Dockyard
3.) The date was chosen as it marked the day after the anniversary of the first investiture ceremony for the Victoria Cross held on June 26, 1857
4.) Gordon Brown
5.) Armed Forces Day celebrates current serving personnel and veterans, Remembrance Weekend commemorates the fallen.

Section Two
1.) 1546
2.) The Senior Service
3.) Horatio Nelson
4.) Heart of Oak
5.) First Sea Lord

Section Three
1.) 1707 although earlier resemblance of the English Army dates to 1660
2.) Be the best
3.) The Coldstream Guards are the oldest regiment in continuous active service
4.) The Household Division is made up of 7 regiments – The Household Cavalry (Life Guards and Blues and Royals) and the Foot Guards (Grenadier Guards, Coldstream Guards, Scots Guards, Irish Guards and Welsh Guards)
5.) Sir Mark Carleton-Smith

Section Four
1.) 01 April 1918
2.) The Battle of Britain
3.) Lord Trenchard
4.) The Red Arrows
5.) 617 Squadron

Section Five
1.) Night Vision Goggles
2.) F-35B Lightning
3.) SA80
4.) An Anti-Tank Missile
5.) Bayonet

Section Six
1.) 1914-1918
2.) Operation Paraquet
3.) 1980
4.) Malta
5.) Iceland

Section Seven
1.) Royal Marines
2.) Challenger 2
3.) Bernard Montgomery
4.) Cyprus (RAF Akrotiri)
5.) HMS Audacious

Section Eight
1.) Op Shader
2.) Cyprus
3.) Brunei
4.) NHS Nightingale
5.) Op Toral is the operational name for British presence in Afghanistan. The two main functions of this operation are training and mentoring Afghan Forces and providing force protection for NATO advisors.

Section Nine
1.) May 8, 2020
2.) The evacuation of Dunkirk between 26 May and June 4, 1940
3.) Stalag Luft III
4.) The Western Desert Campaign
5.) The Norwegian Coast

Section Ten
1.) “Remember Scarborough?”
2.) Derfflinger and Von der Tann
3.) March 1940
4.) HMS Duncan
5.) £37.4M